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Salesforce Delivery Manager
Matrix7i Pvt Ltd


I handle the Salesforce practice and deliver the projects with our team of SF Professionals. I work on various roles from Project Management, Solutioning, Architecting to development, and corporate training.
It's been more than 7 years since I started working on Salesforce in various roles like Developer, Architect, Project Manager, and Scrum Master. In 2017 April I became an Independent Salesforce Consultant and started working with various Fortune 100 clients on the latest Salesforce products. Got recognized as an International corporate trainer with Salesforce Partners and Customers. . I spoke at various platforms across the globe to share the Awesome Solutions built using Salesforce Products in Texas Dreamin, Midwest Dreamin, French Touch Dreamin, India Dreamin, Jaipur Dev Fest, and many Salesforce developer groups.

Talk: Achieve Higher, Further, and Faster deal closure by wiring LWC into Salesforce CPQ

Do you know that an efficient sales process impacts the business revenue and is the most complex and also the most neglected process in an organization 🙂 Salesforce CPQ solves the problem of manual work and gathering information from multiple sources making this process much easier. Learn how to use the Powerful features of lightning web components in Salesforce CPQ for complex sales processes by providing a magnificent user experience and boost the productivity of Sales reps by closing more deals with the slightest efforts and minimal errors in lesser time.
Does your company
1). Offers products and services and has a complex deal closing process for converting from a product to order.
2). Have Sales Reps and Executives working round the clock for generating more business and in need to deliver more efficiently.
3). Wants to improve the productivity of Sales professionals and expedite deal closure.
1). Use lightning web components in the CPQ flow.
2). Optimize and reduce the complexity of the process by providing a customized user experience using LWC.
Benefits of Attending this Talk
1). SF Customers and Business Users will understand the advantages of using Salesforce CPQ.
2). Admins can learn to easily configure CPQ and optimize the flow.
3). Developers can learn to customize the process and provide a rich user experience using LWC.