11:00 - 11:45


Regional Salesforce Solutions Architect for EMEA
Pernod Ricard


Marcelo Caponi is a Regional Salesforce Solutions Architect, with more than 8 years of delivering Salesforce solutions. He is crazy about learning new technologies and applying them in real scenarios. Currently, he is leading a large Salesforce implementation, involving 20 affiliates across EMEA. His main focus is on designing complex Integrations, Governance, and Release Management.
He also enjoys blogging about Salesforce Integration topics at blogonforce.com

Talk: Implementing a Real-Time Business in Salesforce with Event-Driven Architecture

Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) has been widely adopted for companies looking to accelerate their digital transformation. These companies realized that batch-based, point-to-point Integrations slow down the business and leave a technical debt. EDA improves the ability to react to changes in real-time and improves the customer experience while enabling better corporate agility and reducing costs.
As Salesforce applications demand real-time customer experiences, EDA plays an important role in providing the foundation for loose coupling, event-based integrations.
This session will provide guidance on how to architect an Event-Based Microservice Architecture in Salesforce at enterprise scale.