17:00 - 17:45


Senior Salesforce Developer


Mykola is a Salesforce developer in outsource company for the last 7 years. Before Salesforce he had tried different IT specialities e.g. system administration, web development, natural language processing etc. His knowledge of Salesforce platform is based on real experience of implementation various projects. There were different solutions from small integrations to the enterprise size projects.
Currently he is leading a small team of developers in a big enterprise project. As a team lead he is solving two type of problems: technical and human oriented. Last one is much more challenging.
He believes there is no bad developers. There are improperly designed requirements and tasks that were assigned to the wrong person.

Talk: Enterprise Territory Management

Territory Management is an interesting way of splitting sales representatives between territories. It gives you an idea of My Territory. It may seem that a territory is a term of geography but in Salesforce reality it is not.
I want to share my own experience of implementing product that is based on Enterprise Territory Man-agement. What is good for, what you need to be aware before start using it.
During the talk I am going to show difference between Role Hierarchy and Territory Management and explain practical challenges of working with standard Territory Management objects.